YouTube goes Hindi!

Published Date
18 - Aug - 2009
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18 - Aug - 2009
YouTube goes Hindi!

Popular video-sharing site YouTube has launched a Hindi interface sub-portal for the Indian audience. To enable YouTube Hindi, users need to simply log on to, scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on ‘Show languages’ in the ‘Current Language’ link and choose Hindi. Alternatively, you can simply click here.

The interface has been completely done up with translations for all section titles, video descriptions, etc, although video titles still remain in English. So while you can know what the clip is about, you can’t know its name!


As Medianama points out, Google Transliteration has been given a miss in this new exercise, which is a major blow to users. 


“YouTube Hindi is a purely cosmetic exercise, though – there is no transliteration integration that will allow users to put up their profiles, comments and descriptions of their videos in Hindi, yet. This should have been included with the site, though we guess those who are familiar with Transliteration bookmarklets can still use Indic languages,” Medianama writes.


Of course, all of this hasn’t stopped Google from pimping its Chrome browser, with an advert at the bottom of the page trying to get you to download and try Chrome.


Ah well, beggars can’t be choosers…


Sources: Medianama

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