YouTube BoxOffice launched in India - see one blockbuster movie every month

Published Date
08 - Jun - 2011
| Last Updated
08 - Jun - 2011
YouTube BoxOffice launched in India - see one blockbuster movie e...

Google India yesterday launched YouTube BoxOffice, an official channel for streaming the latest blockbuster flicks from Bollywood. The YouTube BoxOffice channel is sponsored by Intel and hots up the online video/movie streaming market.

While YouTube already has a dedicated service to showcase full Indian movies online, its BoxOffice service differs by bringing recently launched, latest blockbuster movies for the Indian Internet audience. 'Band Baaja Baaraat' is the first movie to kickoff the YouTube BoxOffice channel, and Google has assured it will feature a latest blockbuster movie on BoxOffice every month -- that's right, one blockbuster flick per month -- free of cost. [RELATED_ARTICLE]

Movie enthusiasts will have the option to watch full-HD 1080p, 720p and other standard definition flicks on the YouTube BoxOffice channel. No additional software or service is required other than a Flash-enabled browser window.

Of course, the YouTube BoxOffice is yet another channel for Google and YouTube to cash in on online advertising revenue. To that end, we hear the showcased BoxOffice movies will include a 15-second video ad after every 10 minutes of movie playback. Ad breaks can't be skipped, paused or hidden, according to Labnol.

So sit back, enjoy, and give YouTube BoxOffice a try -- don't forget your popcorn:

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