Yahoo survey: Indian users prefer ads to be informative, creatively stimulating

Survey reveals that Indian consumers prefer Ads that are creative or can enhance their social standing.

Published Date
18 - Nov - 2013
| Last Updated
18 - Nov - 2013
Yahoo survey: Indian users prefer ads to be informative, creative...

Indian smartphone and tablet users prefer mobile advertisements that are creative, stimulating and informative, says a 'Getting Mobile Right' survey conducted by Internet giant Yahoo in collaboration with global media and marketing services firm Mindshare

The survey revealed that nearly 60 percent of the respondents prefer ads that can be shared with their friends, family, etc, while, 58 per cent prefer ads that have something interesting to talk about. Smartphones and tablets users both, are enthusiastic consumers of news, particularly political news.

The 'Getting Mobile Right' survey was conducted in July-August this year and covered approximately 504 smartphone and 101 tablet users across Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

The survey reported that  "67 percent of the respondents desire ads that allow for creative expression, while 61% prefer advertisements that enhances their social standing."

"Given the mobile growth in India, the potential for brands to engage with their consumers via smart devices is tremendous," Yahoo Head Insights (India and South-East Asia) David Jeffs said here.

"Smart devices have transformed consumer behaviour and how they interact with their brands. India is poised to grow its smart device penetration at a dramatic pace, which means marketers have to prepare their brands for this opportunity," Mindshare Leader Business Planning Asia Pacific Deepika Nikhilender said. She added, "Mobile's role in the path to purchase and at the retail environment is becoming critical and marketers have to find interventions that can attract consumer interest."

Source: TOI