Vine allows web embeds, updates its iOS app

Twitter has updated its Vine video service, allowing users to embed the six-second shorts anywhere on the web.

Published Date
01 - Apr - 2013
| Last Updated
01 - Apr - 2013
Vine allows web embeds, updates its iOS app

Twitter's standalone short-video sharing service Vine now allows users to embed Vine clips onto the web. The update is likely to help expand the Vine ecosystem. This means that now instead of being limited to the Vine app, Twitter posts and standalone Vine web pages, users can share the videos on their websites and blogs as well.

Users can embed Vine clips using two different methods. Either users can embed a clip directly from the webpage of the clip, or they can embed it via the updated iOS app.

iOS users can tap embed by tapping the ellipses in the bottom-right corner, tapping “Share this post,” and the hitting “Embed.” One of the notable things is Vine uses “iframe” to embed vidoes, which some websites and blogs may not support.

Vine for iOS

Users can select between 600 pixels wide, 480 pixels wide, or 320 pixels wide. There are also two different styles, one of which is called “Simple,” which only displays the Vine, and then there’s the “Postcard” view, which shows other details including the username, date, and captions.

“You'll see these options on your own posts, as well as posts by others, as long as they've already shared their post outside of Vine. When we launched Vine, we described posts as "little windows into the people, settings, ideas and objects that make up your life". With today's update, you can display them almost anywhere,” says Vine in a blog post.