Vebbler launched: "India's first clutter-free, personal social network"

Vebbler India's hottest new personal social networking site takes on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ among others.

Published Date
07 - Aug - 2013
| Last Updated
07 - Aug - 2013
Vebbler launched: "India's first clutter-free, personal social ne...

23-year-old graphics and web designer Sahil Bhagat has founded what is being called "India's first clutter-free, personal social network" - The site claims to offer unique features to differentiate it, like Clubs, Wavetags, Search, Followers and Photo Galleries. Vebbler was launched in beta on July 23, and rolled out its first invites on July 28. According to the company, the Social Networking platform has received a good response within India as well as globally.

Clubs, one of Vebbler’s USPs, allow the user to add friends in different groups like family, friends, workmates and acquaintances. It has a 'Followers' feature that allows users to follow people they find interesting. According to the company, users can upload bigger profile photos in high-resolution, which is ideal for photographers as well as photography enthusiasts. It also has privacy settings, so users can choose with whom they want to share photographs, etc.

Vebbler's 'Wavetags' feature allows you to follow, build and gauge the popularity of a conversation on the Wave-O-Meter. The platform allows users to search photos, waves and conversations about anything that interest them.

Commenting on the launch of Vebbler, Mr. Sahil Bhagat, founder -, said:

“Today, our parents, teachers, colleagues and even bosses are present on social media. There is a need for an evolved method of connecting, which could easily help a user to layer their friends and other relationships, such as workmates and family. Vebbler is that platform which allows people to connect with their close ones without one relationship spilling into another... Within days of launching, Vebbler is garnering overwhelming response, even outside India from countries like USA, United Kingdom, UAE, Australia, Sri Lanka and even places like Norway, Philippines and Qatar."