Users annoyed by Facebook for incorporating Twitter like 'trending topics' feature

Facebook has introduced a "trending topics" feature which is exactly the one like that of Twitter. What users don't like is that they can't turn it off.

Published Date
27 - Jan - 2014
| Last Updated
27 - Jan - 2014
Users annoyed by Facebook for incorporating Twitter like 'trendin...

Facebook users are unhappy about the new Trending feature and are requesting the site to remove it. Users are criticizing the social network stating that the feature is not relevant and focuses more on celebrity gossip.

Users have suggested that the Trending Topics are not important to them and they would prefer going to a credible news site if they want to read news.

"I do not care that the 'Full House' cast is reuniting for a Super Bowl ad," one person said in a Facebook discussion board thread, which has generated activity from hundreds of users over the past week.

Some users have suggested downloading "F.B. Purity," a third-party browser extension that lets people filter out content, including ads, from their Facebook accounts if the site does not stop the Trending Topics feature.

Facebook had launched the Twitter like Trending feature recently to highlight popular phrases on the site. Each post also comes with a short description explaining 'why that particular post is popular.' The feature was rolled out for users in US, UK, India, Canada and Australia. Trending topics include popular new stories on entertainment, sports, news and are displayed towards the right of the main news feed.

Facebook has responded to users by saying that the feature cant be turned off, though the site is open to feedback.

Facebook has been focusing on displaying more quality content to its users. A recent survey stated that Facebook users preferred high quality content about their favorite sports teams, current events and celebrities. The site will show important news prominently in its News Feed instead of meme photos.

Source: DNA