Twitter launches 'mute' button for Android, iOS and web

Twitter has introduced the much sought after 'mute feature' for the Android, iPhone and web versions.

Published Date
13 - May - 2014
| Last Updated
28 - May - 2014
Twitter launches 'mute' button for Android, iOS and web

Twitter has rolled out a new 'mute' button, which lets users turn off the posts/updates of certain users without unfollowing them. The feature has been introduced for Android, iOS and web users.

The 'Mute' button will stop unwanted posts from showing up on your timeline, including native re-tweets and their own posts, so users will not get push notifications or SMS alerts from them. The button is reversible and no one will know if you activate the feature. Users can access the 'Mute' feature from the gear icon of the twitter profile page or from the 'more' link on any individual tweet. The feature has started rolling out and will be available to users across the globe over the next few weeks.  To learn more about the new feature, check out Twitter's help center page.

Third-party clients like Tweetbot already support the mute feature. The app allows muting hashtags, keywords as well as users, which Twitter has not introduced yet.

Earlier this week, Twitter had introduced a new feature that lets you re-set user passwords with a text message. The new feature was launched in an effort to make the social networking site more secure for users. The system will also analyze the users account history, location, device, etc to identify suspicious activity. The new password reset process has been launched for Android and iOS clients.

Source: Twitter