Twitter getting close to adding mobile payment options to its app

Users have reported a payment and shipping option in the settings menu on their Twitter app.

Published Date
07 - Aug - 2014
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07 - Aug - 2014
Twitter getting close to adding mobile payment options to its app

Remember the rumours about Twitter entering shopping? Well, that seems to be happening. Recent reports suggest that the micro-blogging social network is getting closer to adding payment systems to its app. A number of users have recently said that they noticed a shipping and payments option in the settings menu on the Android app for Twitter.

Further, they also said that the function is currently dormant and doesn’t do anything, which points towards the company testing the feature out at the moment. Also, the fact that only a few users have noticed the feature means the company is testing it before it makes a mass rollout.


#Twitter adds "Payment & shipping" as a menu option in #AndroidApps, although not functional yet. — Șerban Păun (@SerbanPaun) August 5, 2014


This isn’t the only time Twitter has been seen working on shopping related activities. A ‘Buy Now’ button had been seen on some tweets back in June. This button in fact had even linked to a shopping website known as Fancy. In addition, the company has recently acquired CardSpring, which is a startup that works on helping businesses build mobile payment systems.

All this points towards the social networking giant embracing e-commerce, which would give it more advertising revenue and users. Twitter has been rumoured to be working on something like this for a long time and many analysts and experts have pointed towards how this would be a good move for Twitter.

Source: Mashable

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