Twitter experiments with 'Retweet with comment'

Twitter is testing a new feature that lets users add extra comments to retweets.

Published Date
25 - Jun - 2014
| Last Updated
25 - Jun - 2014
Twitter experiments with 'Retweet with comment'

Twitter has started experimenting with a new feature called “retweet with comment” which allows users comment more easily on other tweets.

Users will be able to “retweet with comment” instead of quoting a tweet which will give them more room to write their own words. The 'Retweet with comment' feature shows the original tweet in a “Twitter Card” and leaves you with the full 140 characters to respond.

The “retweet with comment” feature could replace the “quote tweet” option, which often requires users to shorten the original tweet in order to add their own comments. The new feature allows users to have more space to make comments while still linking to the original tweet.

Twitter is currently testing the change with a select portion of its user base. The new “retweet with comment” feature was first spotted on Twitter’s head of product communications, Carolyn Penner, timeline. However, Twitter has declined to comment on the new feature. 

Twitter is also experimenting with a new WhatsApp share button on its mobile app. A number of snapshots were reported by users across India, showing the experimental feature running on the company’s Android app. The share button appears on the top of the screen for some users while for others, it is located next to the existing share button underneath the tweet. 

Twitter had recently rolled out a new update to make tweets appear more streamlined on iOS and Android smartphones. The new update lets you embed tweets within new tweets. The functionality creates a new graphical presentation of the message you are referencing to, instead of a cluttered URL. To view the tweet, you'll have to tap on it within the normal Twitter timeline, the "embeds" will show up as normal URLs. Twitter has also launched animated GIF's on its desktop, Android and iOS platforms. Users will have to press a play button accompanied with the GIF or just click on the tweet to view the GIF's.

Source: Mashable