Twitter disables the option to play games in tweets

Twitter disables MS-DOS game embeds in Tweets, states its against the companies terms of service.

Published Date
05 - May - 2015
| Last Updated
05 - May - 2015
Twitter disables the option to play games in tweets

Twitter has disabled the option of playing MS-DOS games in tweets, as the feature was in violation of the company's rules for its Twitter cards.

Last week, users had discovered that they were able to paste links of their favourite MS-DOS games from the Internet Archive and embedding the links into a Tweet led to a playable window within the post. The feature also allows users to shows ads, videos, images and other rich media to be displayed in-line in Twitter’s stream. However the feature is no longer available as embedding interactive media within Twitter Cards is against Twitter's terms of service. Users can still share the links from the Internet Archive's collection of MS-DOS games, but can't play them within the tweet.

Twitter hasn't officially said anything about the removal of the feature, but gaming is prohibited under its developer guidelines. The company states, “Do not build end-to-end interactive experiences inside the video or audio player unrelated to Player Card content, such as the following: purchasing, gaming, polling, messaging, and data entry.”

Users can still visit the Internet Archive directly to play the games or embed them into your website or blog to play. In Jan, the non-profit organization made 2300 MS-DOS games available including the original Prince of Persia, Commander Keen, and Wolfenstein 3D as free titles available in your browser.

Recently, Twitter revamped its home page in the US to engage non registered users on its site. The revamped page allows users to browse through popular tweets on their favorite topics without having to log-in on the micro-blogging site. The company has recently introduced new features including highlights and while you were away in an effort to improve user engagement. Highlights gives the user a brief summary of the trending topics and tweets of the day. The tweets are sent as notifications up to two times a day to the users smartphone. While you were away feature gives the user an update of all the things he may have missed since he/she last logged in. According to recent rumors, internet giant Google is planning to buy Twitter as its own social networking ventures like Google+ have failed to garner popularity.

Source: The Guardian