Indian mobile users love games, engage more with apps: Tune report

Tune, the Seattle-based enterprise software-as-service company for mobile marketing, has released its research data on usage of mobile apps in India.

Published Date
29 - Jun - 2015
| Last Updated
06 - Jun - 2017
Indian mobile users love games, engage more with apps: Tune repor...

Seattle-based mobile marketing research firm Tune recently surveyed an active group of 145 million mobile users in India, to study their usage trends. The research studied the type of apps people download, the type of usage, ratio of in-app purchases made and ad-based revenue generated by the applications based on usage. Here is the detailed infographics on the research data:

According to the study, games form the largest amount of app downloads in India, followed by social media and communication, and lifestyle apps. In terms of regional usage, Maharashtra and Haryana (Delhi NCR) lead in terms of number of apps downloaded, with Delhi users the highest in-app purchasers. West Bengal and Tamil Nadu lead in utilising the applications installed, i.e., opening and using an app after installing it.

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