Trend Micro launches InterScan Web Security 5.5

Published Date
18 - Aug - 2011
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18 - Aug - 2011
Trend Micro launches InterScan Web Security 5.5

Trend Micro has launched InterScan Web Security 5.5, meant to provide protection against Internet threats for web-gateways, and cloud-based applications. It works alongside the Advanced Reporting and Management module, a separate, but apparently essential component that provides centralized real-time network traffic visibility, drill-down historical reporting, and policy management.

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Speaking about the benefits of InterScan Web Security 5.5, John Maddison, GM of data center security, Trend Micro, said:

“Employee-use of cloud-based Web 2.0 applications is standard for many organizations and, as a result, it exposes their organization to cybercriminals attempting to gain access to sensitive data. Trend Micro InterScan Web Security gives organizations visibility into the Internet-based applications employees use and also secures that usage by blocking unwanted or unsafe content at the network perimeter. It’s powered by the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network infrastructure, which means customers are getting the superior protection that comes from a cloud-client innovation which combines sophisticated cloud-based reputation technology, feedback loops, and the expertise of TrendLabs researchers to deliver real-time protection from emerging threats.”

[RELATED_ARTICLE]Key new features found in the Trend Micro InterScan Web Security 5.5 release include:

Application Control: This provides greater visibility into and control over an organization’s Internet usage. It automates the discovery and bandwidth usage of over 420 Internet-based protocols and the thousands of client applications that leverage them. Administrators can understand which users’ traffic needs to be controlled per application type and then create rules to enforce those policies. Unlike most web gateway products which can only apply policies to the traffic they can proxy, Interscan Web Security provides total visibility across all ports and many more protocols.

HTTP Inspection: This provides more granular control to protect against emerging web threats by allowing administrators to identify behavior and filter web traffic according to any characteristic of the HTTP protocol. Administrators can leverage supplied policy templates to control things like:

  • whether users can post content to social networking sites;
  • whether users can send specific attachment types in public webmail applications; and
  • which browsers/versions can be used to access the Internet.

In addition, administrators can easily capture sample traffic from within the product and create custom filters to enforce any policy they might need.

URL Filtering: In addition to the Allow, Block, Monitor, and Warn actions available for URL Filtering policies, several enhancements are included in the 5.5 release, including:

  • Time-based Quotas: This allows administrators to define the total allowable browsing time within work/leisure hours that users can visit specific sites or categories of sites. Temporary time extensions can be granted as needed.
  • Password Override: This allows administrator-defined users to override the block action by typing a password in their browser to allow one-time access.


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