The Big Billion Sale: Can Flipkart flip its luck?

Flipkart's Big Billion Days sale is around the corner. This time will they make it or break it?

Published Date
09 - Oct - 2015
| Last Updated
09 - Oct - 2015
The Big Billion Sale: Can Flipkart flip its luck?

The Flipkart 'Big Billion Days' sale is back again. The online marketplace will hold this much-anticipated sale from October 13 to 17. During this time, Flipkart's 50,000+ sellers will put up products ranging from electronics to furniture to clothes, books, perfumes and even baby products. Basically, everything!

But the Big Billion Days have not really gone too well for Flipkart in the past. Yes, in October last year, the company did manage to garner a whopping $100mn in the first 10 hours of the sale going live but it left many customers unhappy and empty-handed because of the sheer volume of orders and the lack of organisation at the e-tailers' end. 

This time around, Flipkart plans to flip the unfortunate events that followed last year's sale. In an attempt to help e-tailers manage their business better on sale day, the company has rolled out the 'Flipkart Seller Campus' & 'Flipkart Helping Hands' programs. 

The 'Helping Hands' module offers specialised training on managing manpower along with a model where Flipkart actually provides extra resources to sellers on heavy days such as the 'Big Billion Days' sale or other festive periods.

The 'Seller Campus' on the other hand is a 4-hour training session where online retailers can pick up better inventory management skills and get equipped to handle bulk orders better.

Every seller on Flipkart can enroll for these training programs and so far Flipkart claims it has reached out to more that 6,000 sellers with hopes of training more by sale day. With a large number of sellers opting for the training it looks like Flipkart is gearing up to ensure that it has smooth sailing during the Big Billion Days sale but will it be successful? Let’s wait and watch.

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