Sophos unleashes Security Threat Monitor (free app.) for Apple iPhone

Published Date
15 - Jun - 2010
| Last Updated
15 - Jun - 2010
Sophos unleashes Security Threat Monitor (free app.) for Apple iP...

One of the popular IT security and data protection firm, Sophos, has unleashed its first free application for iPhone known as, Sophos Security Threat Monitor. The application reportedly provides users an overview of new and existing computer security threats, complemented with live hourly updates direct from SophosLabs - a global network of researchers and analysts which constantly monitors the internet for new malware, virus, spyware, spam and phishing threats.
The application is said to include the following features:
1) Threat spotlight: This feature is meant to highlight the most prevalent threats at any given time including the name of the threat, its alias, the targets at risk and information on evading the threat or avoiding the chances of becoming a victim.
2) Latest threats: This feature is expected to provide a list of top ten threats analyzed by the experts in SophosLabs, which also includes information on the date of detection, operating systems affected, the prevalence of the threat, as well as links to more information on individual threats at
3) Stats: This feature is said to provide pictorial or graphical representation of threats with three screens depicting email, spam and web-based threat statistics.
4) Maps: Maps are meant to reveal the user threat information, through the use of zoom able Google Maps. The interactive map is expected to allow users to preview and determine exactly where in the world the latest threats are appearing. It also reported to provide latest subject lines being used in e-mail spam campaigns to trick the user into becoming a victim.

Talking about the significance of Security Threat Monitoring software, Graham Cluley, Senior Technology Consultant at Sophos has reportedly said, "People are spending less and less time chained to their desks, and an app like this gives users access to the very latest security information, wherever they are.”. Also adding that, “Sophos Security Threat Monitor is updated hourly by our analysts based around the world. Rather than merely providing text-based statistics, we've made it easy for users to understand the latest malware attacks, with alerts and information delivered straight to their iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.".

Now, the good news is that, Sophos Security Threat Monitor is available free to download from the iTunes App Store at the web-link:


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