Survey of India files complaint against Google for inaccurate maps

Indian authorities have filed a case against Google for posting misleading co-ordinates on Google Maps.

Published Date
15 - Dec - 2014
| Last Updated
15 - Dec - 2014
Survey of India files complaint against Google for inaccurate map...

Survey of India (SOI) has submitted a complaint against Google regarding the misrepresentation of coordinates of Indian boundaries in Google Maps.

The search giant was accused of having leaked coordinates of classified areas not officially included in the maps of India to the Internet. According to the complaint file, only the SOI is permitted to undertake ‘restricted’ category surveying and mapping. All other government, individual or private entities are not allowed to carry out such activities. SOI has filed a complaint at Dalanwala police station after its technical wing scrutinized the maps in different sites.

"The faulty coordinates were noticed in Jammu & Kashmir and the northern side of India which are not as per our maps. The decision to file a written complaint was taken after consulting the highest level of authority," said a senior official, on the condition of anonymity.

Station officer Dalanwala Anil Joshi stated, "We are trying to establish the authenticity of the complaint." He added that the matter is being handed over to cyber cell for further investigation. "The cyber cell team will look into the allegations following which the next course of action will be decided," Joshi added. 

In August, Surveyor General of India Swarna Subba Rao had slammed Google for gathering classified information through the Mapathon 2013 competition. Rao stated that the internet giant “polluted” the web with classified information in spite of being warned against doing so.  

Under Mapathon 2013 competition, Google had asked users across the country to add information about their neighborhoods in Google Maps. SOI had filed a complaint that the internet giant had violated rules by asking users to add information about their areas for its online map service without asking permission. The report stated that Google violating laws by mapping sensitive areas and defense installations, prohibited by Indian law.

Source: TOI