Sify unveils Sify myLife, a consumer cloud services platform for Sify users

Published Date
05 - Jul - 2010
| Last Updated
05 - Jul - 2010
Sify unveils Sify myLife, a consumer cloud services platform for...

Sify Technologies offers Indian consumers the benefits of the cloud, with Sify myLife, which according to the company is India’s first Consumer Cloud Services Platform. It will supposedly allow people to enjoy a “digital lifestyle” that encompasses “Communication, Education, Travel, Entertainment and Utility”, and also has “enhanced cyber security”.

The benefits of Sify myLife for consumers have been highlighted by Sify a “whole new world of services”:

  • Get a host of digital lifestyle offerings from one window: ticket bookings, mobile recharge, online tests, bill payments, ISD calls, gaming, etc.
  • Pay cash for online transactions – no fear of online payments or credit card requirements
  • Work in a secure online environment – in line with statutory regulations

This does open up potential for application developers however, to “build and host solutions on Sify myLife”, as well as for advertisers, who can now target the masses at cybercafés or at home, or even smartphone or mobile internet device users.

What advantages cybercafé owners will get from Sify myLife is outlined below by Sify Technologies:

  1. Regulatory cyber security measures
  2. Cybercafe management and governance
  3. Digital lifestyle offerings for end consumers
  4. Online Test Centre
  5. Sify Talk: ISD Calling
  6. Online Advertising and Brand engagement platform

Sify cybercafés, or Sify e-ports as they are known, are already “cloud-access-ready”, but Sify says that the remaining 1.6 lakh (approx) shared internet access points in India will be able to access Sify myLife, using either a “Sify Broadband connection or a specially designed ‘Sify Edge device’”.


Abhinav LalAbhinav Lal