is hacker group Legion's next target

The group behind the recent Twitter account hacks in India have announced that they are now eyeing the Indian Government's official email service provider.

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13 - Dec - 2016
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13 - Dec - 2016 is hacker group Legion’s next target

After hacking Twitter accounts of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, Journalists Barkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar and disgraced business Tycoon Vijay Mallya, Hacker group Legion has now threatened to breach government website Speaking to over an encrypted chat, a Legion member stated, “Next is a dump of emails. Which is quite big. It includes a lot of BIG FISH.” provides email services for various departments under the Indian Government.

Along with announcing their intentions to dump data from the govt website, Legion also observed that the Indian banking system is highly vulnerable to attacks, but the group is not interested in hacking the same. Further, the group denied being of Indian origin and also bragged about the fact that they have substantial finances, enough to own any corporation in the world.

In a recent encrypted chat with The Washington Post, a member of the hacktivist group told the publication that they are a “bunch of geeks addicted to crime and drugs” and that as of now, their agenda is to expose classified information, making it available in the public domain. The group also claimed that they have access to over 40k servers in India and have made a tool to sift through all the “interesting data” found on those servers. 

It was only a matter of time before the true vulnerability of India’s so called secure servers was exposed and Legion seems to have made a worldwide spectacle of the country's poor cyber defence systems.

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