Samsung reportedly granted patent for a transforming drone

Samsung is said to have received a patent that, alongside folding arms and a camera, could be controlled using various devices like a washing machine or a refrigerator.

Published Date
27 - Dec - 2018
| Last Updated
27 - Dec - 2018
Samsung reportedly granted patent for a transforming drone

Key Highlights:

  • Samsung has obtained a patent for a transforming drone
  • The patent describes a drone that could come with foldable arms and a sliding mechanism
  • The drone is said to feature a wide range of sensors, including a camera 


While a layman might know Samsung for its smartphone manufacturing business, the company also makes many other devices and components. Samsung could also soon enter the drone market as GizmoChina reports that its new patent for a drone has been Published by the US Patents & Trademark Office. This is said to be Samsung’s fifth patent related to a drone this year and it has been applying and many drone-related patents since 2016. As per the report, the new patent describes a transforming drone, which is capable of folding its arms into its body and it could be an accessory for its next generation of Galaxy smartphones. 

Alongside folding arms and a camera, Samsung could design a drone with many additional sensors like ultrasonic, temperature, light, gyros, barometer, compass, and ultraviolet sensors. “An aspect of the present disclosure provides a transformable drone in which an arm for fixing a propeller can be folded and unfolded against the main body (or an airframe) which may provide a transformable unmanned aerial vehicle which combines portability and flight performance through a transformable main body (or an airframe),” states the Samsung patent, via GizmoChina. Samsung may also add other functionalities to the drone like the ability to control it using other devices like a refrigerator or a washing machine.

Samsung has its own range of smart devices and it won’t be that surprising if it launches a drone that can be controlled using its other products. However, we are a bit unsure as to who would fly a drone using their refrigerator or washing machine. The report further suggests that the drone could feature a sliding structure, which would enable it to change form and be more portable. Like most drones, the company might develop an app that would enable controlling it using a smartphone. While the reported patent does seem exciting, we suggest that you hold onto your horses since companies obtain patents all the time and may or may not actually use it. 

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