Russia's Yota seeks to provide WiMAX through MTNL and BSNL

Published Date
10 - Jul - 2009
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10 - Jul - 2009
Russia’s Yota seeks to provide WiMAX through MTNL and BSNL

Another day, another step towards the availability of high-speed wireless broadband services in India. Yota, one of Russia’s leading telecom operators, is reportedly in talks with MTNL and BSNL to offer WiMAX-based services in India.

Readers will recall that BSNL has already floated a tender for private players to join up. MTNL, as usual, is a little slow on the draw. Still, users will have to rely on these two organizations as they are the only telecom service providers who have been given the spectrum to offer such wireless services.

By partnering MTNL and BSNL, Yota will have the first mover advantage, apart from not having to buy spectrum through a competitive bidding slated for later this year.

The introduction of high-speed WiMAX could also enable operators to offer IPTV services for low rates as the infrastructure costs of fibre-optic cables are drastically reduced.

Yet, the lack of available spectrum remains an issue.

Talking to Business Line, Yota’s Director of Business Development, Mr Yegor Ivanov, said: “Operators need a minimum of 30 MHz for offering WiMAX enabled broadband services. With just 20 MHz operators will have to invest more on setting up the infrastructure. It is doable, but quality of service will be an issue.”

Welcome to India, Mr. Ivanov.


Source: BusinessLine


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