Rumour de-bunked: Twitter won't be starting video-tweeting

Published Date
12 - Oct - 2009
| Last Updated
12 - Oct - 2009
Rumour de-bunked: Twitter won’t be starting video-tweeting
Well, this one was snuffed out faster than we could even report about it. Over the weekend, a rumour started doing the rounds that Twitter might be introducing a video-tweeting feature, but has already been debunked by the site’s co-founder.
On Sunday, The Telegraph reported that the popular micro-blogging service was set to launch a new service that would allow Twitter users to upload brief video snippets to their profiles directly from phones, laptops and other devices.
Users will know that some services such as Twideo and Tweetube (which we prefer over the former) already offer similar services.
“Twitter's founders hope by adding live video-tweeting it will help boost its prominence as a fashionable social-networking tool again,” the British daily said. A lot of newspapers and Web sites, including The Times of India, picked up this rumour and word spread like a bushfire.
But before things could go any further, a bit of simple journalism from Mashable saw the whole thing come apart. What did they do? Writer Pete Cashmore simply asked the Twitter head honchos about it.
Twitter co-founder Biz Stone told Mashable: “Haven’t read the piece but no video hosting. 140 characters of text including spaces. You know the drill!”
So that’s that…

Mihir PatkarMihir Patkar