[Rumour] Cloudboard: Google's upcoming Web-based clipboard

Published Date
08 - Oct - 2009
| Last Updated
08 - Oct - 2009
[Rumour] Cloudboard: Google’s upcoming Web-based clipboard
A leaked internal feedback form and other data from Google suggest that the Internet search giant is getting ready to roll out a new Web-based clipboard manager called Cloudboard.
The Google Operating System blog stumbled upon the feedback form for internal testing purposes, and it gives out quite a few interesting details.
Calling it a ‘server-side clipboard for Google Apps’, the Cloudboard is kind of a replacement for Google Notebook, making it easy to paste excerpts from Google Spreadsheets to Gmail, copy multiple images from Picasa Web Albums, copy YouTube videos, copy an event and pasting it into Google Docs or Gmail, paste copied items from Google Image Search, copy maps into Google Docs, etc.
One of its coolest features seems to be an ability to automatically format the data you are copying to play nice with the app you paste it to. The form cites an example that if you copy a formatted cell in Google Spreadsheets onto the Cloudboard and then paste it into Google Docs Writer, the Cloudboard would transform the data into a comparably-styled HTML table.
This seems like it would be quite a useful app, and we wouldn’t be surprised to see Google integrate it in some way into the Chrome browser too.

Mihir PatkarMihir Patkar