Play 2300 DOS games in your browser for free

Internet archive makes 2300 MS-DOS games absolutely free on your desktop browser.

Published Date
07 - Jan - 2015
| Last Updated
07 - Jan - 2015
Play 2300 DOS games in your browser for free

Internet Archive, the non-profit organization which is trying to archive a variety of content by digitizing it, has made its gaming library even bigger by adding around 2300 MS-DOS games. These games are now available as free titles in your browser.

Showcasing games like the original Prince of Persia, Commander Keen, and Wolfenstein 3D, the Internet Archive has taken a commendable step in preserving these games of the past. The new browser based emulator is still in beta, so you might see some glitches or bugs but that barely matters in the cotext of the large game collection.

The people at Internet Archive have used an EM-DOSBOX in-browser emulator to emulate these programs in your browser. We tested a couple of games and they worked fine in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. The organization was in the news earlier when it archived 900 arcade games which could aslo be played in your desktop browser. 

via: The Verge

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