Now move images and videos from a smartphone to a tablet just by touch!

The VTT InTouch interface lets you transfer images and videos from one device to another just through touch.

Published Date
21 - Oct - 2013
| Last Updated
21 - Oct - 2013
Now move images and videos from a smartphone to a tablet just by...

Researchers from the Technical Research Centre of Finland have developed the innovative InTouch technology that ensures easy transfer of files between smart devices.

The technology lets you use a ring, nail or wristband that acts as a user interface and allows sharing of files directly from one screen to another simply by touch. The InTouch interface allows you to touch a file on one screen, with a nail and transfer it easily by tapping your friend's smartphone with the same nail. The solution, developed by the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, allows you to send, share and receive files much more easily than before.

The interfaces is very easy to use and interoperable in the world of digital devices and objects. The InTouch user interface operates with touch screens and conforms to the NFC standard. VTT's InTouch allows file transfer either directly or via a cloud service. Researchers at VTT have mentioned that security and privacy using Intouch technology is retained through an integrated security functionality. However, there are not many technical details available at the moment on how the technology works.

So far, data transfer has been handled by Infrared, Bluetooth, Memory Sticks (Pen Drives) and Cloud sharing. All these methods are tied to traditional devices and standardised usage methods. VTT's InTouch technology will help you share and transfer information between new interactive devices and product categories opening up new business possibilities. The technology opens up new areas of applications including digital devices, cars, logistics and health care. The patent for the technology is pending.

Source: Science Daily