Now browse YouTube in 15 new languages including Punjabi and Nepali

Google has added support for 15 new languages in YouTube, covering 95 percent of the internet population.

Published Date
15 - Apr - 2015
| Last Updated
15 - Apr - 2015
Now browse YouTube in 15 new languages including Punjabi and Nepa...

YouTube has added support for 15 new languages in order to get more users on the site. With the addition of the 15 new languages, the total number of languages supported on the video sharing site has reached 76.

According to YouTube, the 76 languages are for site navigation only and cover approximately 95 per cent of internet users. Choosing the languages will only translate the website links, buttons and text into the selected language. The video sharing site also offers caption support for over 165 languages.

In the current update, YouTube has added support for Punjabi, Georgian, Azerbaijani, Armenian, Kirghiz, Kazakh, Khmer, Mongolian, Lao, Macedonian, Myanmar (Burmese), Nepali among others.

Earlier this month Google had stated that YouTube is testing out “a new HTML5 video player with a transparent control bar that hides when you’re not using it, just like mobile video players.” The company has now started showcasing the new lay out which is sleeker and has simplified controls compared to its predecessor.

The new transparent control bar comes with some UI tweaks, including bolder icons, improved annotations and toggles for auto play. The drop-down menus for speed and quality are replaced by mobile-inspired menus. Similar to mobile apps, the controls disappear after a few seconds of the video starting. YouTube has also removed the Watch Later button option. Last month, the video sharing site has added support for 360 degree videos and interactive Google Now like cards for both mobile and web.

Google has already optimized voice search for Indian accent to help improve search experience for the Indian users. The internet giant has also added Hindi language support in Google Maps and voice navigation. Now users can choose Hindi as their preferred language from the “Language and input” menu for turn-by-turn and voice-guided instructions in Hindi.  

Source: YouTube