Google Chrome v45 released, tipped to be easier on RAMs

Version 45 of Chrome browser will reduce memory usage by 10% on average, and will also restore tabs more efficiently

Published Date
04 - Sep - 2015
| Last Updated
04 - Sep - 2015
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Google Chrome v45 released, tipped to be easier on RAMs

Google Chrome may be one of the most popular browsers in the world, but its appetite for memory has been a notable drawback. With the new version of Chrome (version 45), Google hopes to address the browser’s issues with memory by making it use less of it, and be more power-efficient.

Chrome v45 will now detect when a web page is idle, and use that time to clear up unused memory. According to Google's Chrome blog, the new version managed to reduce memory usage by upto 10% on average, in its tests. The browser will work even better with more complex websites. With Gmail, it managed to free up nearly a quarter of the memory used by the tab.

Chrome has always had the option of restoring tabs so that users could continue from where they left off. It now restores tabs more efficiently. The tabs will now be restored in the order users viewed them last. The most recently viewed tab will restore first, and the rest will be restored in the same order. The browser will now detect when the computer is running low on memory, and stop restoring tabs accordingly. Users can restore the remaining tabs later, once load is reduced.

A few days ago, Google had announced that it would be blocking Flash-based advertisements by default. These advertisements will be paused, and have to be activated manually by the user. This move was made to decrease the load time of webpages and improve battery efficiency. Google also said that it will only be blocking Flash-based content that is not central to a webpage. With advertisements being blocked, browsing should become easier and faster.

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