New Google Music service may be coming soon

Published Date
22 - Oct - 2009
| Last Updated
22 - Oct - 2009
New Google Music service may be coming soon

Google might just be expanding its reaches to Music content too. Something that Google has been shy to comment on.

Now screenshots have begun to appear of what this service might look like, and as usual, it obeys Google's penchant for simplicity with a straight-to-the fact interface:

Google Music search for "U2"
A search for "U2" on Google's Music service.

The service is likely to tie in with Lala and iLike as music sources, providing people with access to music on those services straight from Google, allowing them to get information about the song and artist, and buy it directly from a Google Search. Using the web-players from Lala and iLike it can even play back clips of the songs.

Google Music iLike Player
The iLike Player

Google Music LaLa Player
The LaLa Player

According to TechCrunch, the music service is likely to be announced by Google on the 28th of October.