New Facebook tool lets users choose what they want to share with third party apps

Facebook launches new tools designed to give users more control over the personal information they share with third party apps and websites.

Published Date
04 - May - 2015
| Last Updated
04 - May - 2015
New Facebook tool lets users choose what they want to share with...

Facebook has introduced a new Facebook Login tool that gives the user the option to choose what they want to share with third-party apps and websites when they log in using their Facebook credentials.

The new updated Facebook Login lets users choose what data an app will be able to access. Now when users tap "Log in with Facebook" in an app, they will go to a Facebook Login page where they can tap on "Edit the info you provide" to choose what details they want to share with the third party app or website. Users have an option to simply uncheck the information they don't want to share.

Facebook stated while introducing the tool, "For example, if someone wants to share their email address with an app, but not their birthday, they can make that choice with a couple taps."  Earlier when, users logged in with their Facebook id into apps or websites via Facebook Login, they had no option but to share their profile information, including birth date, access to friend list, email address, profile and more.

Apart from this Facebook has also introduced a new Anonymous Login tool that will allow users to log into apps more privately. The feature is currently being tested and would be made available soon. Facebook says, “Anonymous Login lets people log in to apps so they don’t have to remember usernames and passwords, but it doesn’t share personal information from Facebook. People can decide later if they want to share any additional information, once they understand more about the apps.”

Facebook has introduced the new tools after users complained of having to share their personal information with apps. According to reports, last year almost 10 billion people logged into apps using the 'Facebook Login'. Facebook plans to launch both these feature over the coming months.

Facebook has given developers an year to make the necessary changes needed in their apps to integrate smoothly with the new Login Page. Simon Cross, Facebook Product manager stated that the app could crash after the new Login Page if the developer has not yet made the app compatible with the tool. Cross said, “If a developer hasn’t prepared for Facebook’s update and its app is still coded to rely on parts of your Facebook information that you now withhold, it could bug out. But this is unlikely”.

Source: Facebook