NASA releases over 60 space audio recordings on SoundCloud

NASA releases sounds from space collected over the last 50 years.

Published Date
04 - Nov - 2014
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04 - Nov - 2014
NASA releases over 60 space audio recordings on SoundCloud

NASA released over a 60 sound recordings on SoundCloud that include eerie noises from the solar system to historic moments in space exploration. NASA's SoundCloud page had 63 files, from the past 50 years of space exploration.

NASA had recently created a SoundCloud page to reveal some of the most unusual sounds ever recorded. The recordings include sounds of Neptune, Saturn’s rings, Jupiter, Uranus and Earth from millions of miles away. The files also contain sounds of shuttle launching and famous quotes from NASA astronauts. A popular feed is 'Lift Off' which is the sound of the first manned-mission to the Moon, Apollo 11. The sound clip includes lift off, followed by the applause in the space center. Another clip has Neil Armstrong's memorable quote "one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind".

NASA's most popular feed is 'Earthsong' also called 'Chorus'. It is the noise produced by an electromagnetic phenomenon caused by plasma waves in Earth's radiation belts, which loom at least 8,000 miles (12,874 km) above the surface.

India's space research orgnisation (ISRO) also reached out to millions of social media users by giving a step by step account of the successful historic Mars Orbit Insertion in September. The space agency garnered praise for regular and prompt updating of necessary information on its social media site. Tweets between NASA and ISRO on the mars mission where also a major highlight. NASA congratulated the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on this historic feat.

"@NASA: We congratulate @ISRO for its Mars arrival! @MarsOrbiter joins the missions studying the Red Planet. #JourneyToMars," NASA tweeted.

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Source: Inquisitr