Mozilla Firefox will now let you search websites with just one click

Mozilla's Firefox to get one click search buttons in an upcoming update.

Published Date
26 - Nov - 2014
| Last Updated
26 - Nov - 2014
Mozilla Firefox will now let you search websites with just one cl...

Mozilla has unveiled some of the new search features coming to Firefox. The company mentioned in a blog post that the new additions are “coming soon to a Firefox near you” but haven't mentioned a more specific timeline.

The new update will allows users to type a search term into the Firefox search box and get a list of reorganized search suggestions from the default search provider. It will also have a new array of buttons below these suggestions which will let you choose which search engine the user wants to send the query to.

Users will be able to see shortcuts to various services like eBay, Amazon, or Wikipedia. For e.g., if a user wants to buy a book from Amazon, they will be able to type the books title or author name and clicking Amazon will take you to Amazon directly, instead of searching for the book and then clicking the link which is a two-step process.

The announcement comes just a week after Mozilla announced that it has replaced Google and made Yahoo the default search engine in its browser for U.S. users in a five year deal. The company also added that it will be bringing a new search experience to its users that will be unveiled in December. The company is making Yahoo the new default search in the U.S., Baidu will remain the default search engine in China and Yandex will be the new default in Russia. However, users will also be given an option to switch to other local search engines as well.

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Source: Mozilla