Microsoft's Spartan web browser to support extensions

Microsoft reveals more details about its upcoming web browser 'Spartan'.

Published Date
28 - Jan - 2015
| Last Updated
28 - Jan - 2015
Microsoft's Spartan web browser to support extensions

Microsoft will add support for extensions in the successor to its Internet Explorer browser codenamed Spartan. The new browser will be launched as part of Windows 10.

Microsoft’s browser development team has confirmed that "we're working on a plan for extensions for a future update to Project Spartan." The team is currently testing ways to allow Chrome extension developers to easily port their work across to Spartan.

According to reports, Spartan web browser will exist alongside the internet explorer when Windows 10 gets released later this year. The browser will retain compatibility with legacy Web apps and intranet sites. Spartan will have a new rendering engine, called "EdgeHTML," as well as support for legacy Trident engine called "MSHTML".

Jacob Rossi, a senior engineer on the Microsoft Web platform team stated, "We want enterprises to be able to use Spartan too," Rossi explained. "For them, Trident compatibility (e.g. with legacy line of business sites) is critical. So Spartan can load Trident through Enterprise Mode for those sites. That helps keep their mission critical stuff working while the web gets the latest modern engine, EdgeHTML."

Rossi added that "we will not be getting rid of Trident." It'll be around to support legacy enterprise sites. "This dual-engine approach enables businesses to update to a modern engine for the web while running their mission critical applications designed for IE of old, all within the same browser."

Microsoft has also revealed that the new browser will feature a new inking mode to annotate web pages. It will integration with Microsoft's voice assistant Cortana and will come with a reading mode features. The web browser will be launched with Windows 10 later this year, but Microsoft hasn't revealed whether it will also become available to Windows 7 or Windows 8 users also.