Microsoft to set up 'hassle-free' WiFi hotspots all over the world

New venture by Microsoft to provide internet to users all around the world

Published Date
04 - Jun - 2015
| Last Updated
05 - Jun - 2015
Microsoft to set up 'hassle-free' WiFi hotspots all over the worl...

Microsoft Wi-Fi, a new venture taken up by Microsoft, may be the latest solution to Internet problems for users all across the world. But, with previously-provided download links for the Microsoft Wi-Fi apps being replaced by a ‘Coming Soon’ sign, one can only speculate as to when the service will go live.


With Microsoft Wi-Fi, users can download an application, sign in to their Microsoft account, & connect to a host of WiFi hotspot portals spread all across the world by locating them on an interactive connectivity map within the app. The innovative project has can make lives even easier, with our endless reliance on the internet. As told to VentureBeat by a Microsoft spokesperson, Microsoft Wi-Fi is being created “bring hassle-free Wi-Fi to millions”. No projected time span was given by him, though.

Prior to being taken down, the official webpage of Microsoft Wi-Fi held a promotional banner. “Be productive on the go & enjoy hassle-free internet access around the world. Don’t waste time filling forms with personal information or managing different carriers to get connected. Sign in once and you are done: you will automatically be connected to a vast range of WiFi providers around the world”, is what was released by Microsoft.

However, this service will not be free. The privilege will lie with users who subscribe to Skype through Microsoft’s Work & Play Bundle, or are employed with organisations using Microsoft Office 365 for Enterprise, or who will receive a special invitation from Microsoft itself.

Source: The Verge

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