Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based productivity suite launched in India

Published Date
01 - Jul - 2011
| Last Updated
01 - Jul - 2011
Microsoft Office 365 cloud-based productivity suite launched in I...

Microsoft's major stride in the cloud computing segment, Office 365, has been launched in India. Microsoft says the Office 365 will provide affordable businesses productivity on cloud. The suite is comprised of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, email and other software that can be used by enterprises on basis of a pay-per-use model. The Office 365 plans start at USD 2 per month for basic e-mail to USD 27 per month. Microsoft believes the suite will be beneficial for all kinds of enterprise.

The company says in its press release that more than 12,000 organisations have opted for Office 365 trials over the last 45 days. It also highlights more than 2,00,000 customers globally have signed up for the suit, making it the largest beta program ever. [RELATED_ARTICLE]

Office 365, Microsoft's latest cloud services strategy, is supposedly taking the entire concept of cloud computing to all new level. "Microsoft Office 365, provides all of the familiar enterprise class productivity solutions on a flexible usage and payment model, delivering streamlined communication with high availability, comprehensive security and simplified IT management. Customers who have already started using the services are realizing savings from reduced hardware, software and operational costs. In a nutshell, it allows them to do more with less", says Sanket Akerkar, MD, Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.

Microsoft hopes Office 365 will provide ample opportunities of growth for its ecosystem partners in Indian in near future. With the launch of the Office 365, Microsoft has put itself into direct competition with Google in the cloud segment. Google's online applications known as Google Apps are becoming increasingly popular and that the Office 365 is expected to heat up the competition in the cloud world.

However, Google attempted to play down all the hype building around the Office 365. In its blog titled “365 reasons to consider Google Apps”, Google tried to position its apps over the Office 365. It also posted a chart to compare its products and the Office 365. 

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