Microsoft adds 'Search by License' image search filter to Bing

Are you unsure whether to use an image from your favourite artiste on your blog post or business poster? Bing now allows you to search for images using the licenses filter via Bing Image search.

Published Date
03 - Jul - 2013
| Last Updated
03 - Jul - 2013
Microsoft adds 'Search by License' image search filter to Bing

Bing Search Image team has released a new search filter, called 'Search by License'. This filter will benefit users who need to use images from the web without having to worry about creative license. Microsoft claims it has simplified the Bing image search process so that the user can filter images by usage rights and can see the images that have a Creative Commons license.

The team elaborated on the official Bing blog:

"We are excited to offer the 'Search by License' feature for Bing image search. At Bing, we love helping creative artists whether you’re a blogger, teacher, student or even a small business owner looking to market your latest creation", says Bing Images Program Manager, Rizwan Ansary.

Ansary adds, “We understand how frustrating it can be to when you come up with just the right blog post or the perfect poster for your class project, only to realize you don’t have the appropriate rights to use them the way you intended to.”

The user has to search the images via the Bing image search, once the search is initiated the results can be filtered from a menu bar on the top of the screen. It has a "license" dropdown menu which allows you to narrow your search and filter images that you can use. The user has the option to search via all images, use commercially, free to share, public domain and much more.

Bing has also included this technology in Office 2013, where users can search for images based on the same technology. The search results will be displayed with the default licenses similar to “Search by License” filter.