McAfee aims to replace the neighbourhood geek

Published Date
10 - Dec - 2009
| Last Updated
10 - Dec - 2009
McAfee aims to replace the neighbourhood geek

Yes it's true! McAfee has launched a new service which allows the neighbourhoods / your family's geek (probably YOU) to be replaced with a McAfee employee sitting a kilometres away.

Today McAfee announced the new McAfee Total Care suite of services which aim to provide professional computer repair and tune-up services administered remotely via a phone or chat, or using remote access software to securely connect to your computer.

The service suite is launching with McAfee Virus Removal Service and the McAfee PC Tune-up Service, in 2010 more services are expected to be added. They intend to eventually provide support for most troublesome operations such as "setting up new computer and installing software."

The McAfee Virus Removal Service will offer remote support for removal of viruses from your computer. Experts from McAfee will remotely and securely connect to your computer and remove viruses, spyware and other malware while you watch and ask questions, all for $89.95 (~ Rs. 4200) a definite upgrade from your current $ 0 biryani service plan with alphageek816.

The McAfee PC Tune-up Service is their other service, which is intended to give your computer a thorough tune-up. For a paltry $49.95 (~ Rs. 2300) McAfee technicians will take their precious time to "delete temporary files, remove unnecessary start-up items and unwanted processes and defragment disks" on your computer, all while operating remotely.

The service is available across multiple countries, including India, although the poor bandwidth conditions here would be a deterrent to a good remote desktop control experience. For people in remote places with poor access to professional technicians and no indigenous geeks this might be a good deal.

That was my biryani McAfee! Not cool!

Visit the McAfee Total Care Service website