London Mayor says it will be first city to get 5G

5G connections will allow smartphone users to get much faster internet connections.

Published Date
29 - Jul - 2014
| Last Updated
29 - Jul - 2014
London Mayor says it will be first city to get 5G

While we wait for complete 4G coverage in India, London Mayor Boris Johnson seems to be looking ahead at even faster connection speeds. Johnson has announced that London will be the first city to get a major 5G network, promising even faster internet connections.

Further, reports say that the University of Surrey will be the cornerstone behind the development of the network. The 5G network was announced as a part of the long term infrastructure plan from now till 2050. A 5G network will allow smartphone users to download full length movies in a matter of seconds. The standards for 5G networks is still unclear though and the city is yet to explain them.

Interestingly, reports have said that many businesses in London still complain about slow broadband speeds, stemming speculation that the promise of 5G is premature. British MP, Meg Hillier, is hosting a roundtable to discuss the problems with broadband in Tech City and Shoreditch, Venture Beat reported, via Tech City News.

These network though will take a long time to roll out, even in London, let alone India. Currently, some states in India have recieved 4G connectivity, but the network is yet to cover the entire country.

Source: Venture Beat.


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