Kootol Software sends notice to Apple, Microsoft and others over patent rights

Published Date
19 - Jul - 2011
| Last Updated
19 - Jul - 2011
Kootol Software sends notice to Apple, Microsoft and others over...

Of late a number of tech companies have been involved in several legal tussles, accusing each other of stealing technology. Whether it is Apple, HTC or Samsung, several known brands are locked in legal spat. And the latest to add fuel to the fire is India-based Kootol Software. The Indian company announced that it had sent notice to as many as 30 companies including brands like Apple and Microsoft, over the alleged unauthentic use of Kootol’s core technology in their products.

Other companies to whom Kootol sent notice are Yahoo, Google, Bharti Airtel Ltd., Webaroo Technology (India) Pvt. Ltd., Amazon, AOL, Nokia, Bebo Inc., ExactTarget Inc., Ford Motor, Foursquare Inc., Quora Inc., Salesforce.com Inc., Seesmic Inc., IBM, Linkedin, MySpace, NING Inc., Research In Motion Inc., Siemens Enterprise Communications Inc., Sina.com Technology Co. Ltd., StatusNet Inc., PopBox Inc., Twitpic Inc., Peek Inc., The Iconfactory Inc., Ubermedia Inc., Yammer Inc., Facebook and Twitter. [RELATED_ARTICLE]

Kootol Software said in its press release that it has US Patent Application No. 11/995,343 titled "A Method and System for Communication, Advertising, Searching, Sharing and Dynamically Providing a Journal Feed".

“The corresponding patent has been also filed in India, Canada and Europe (EPO). This exclusive license agreement is for the one of the embodiment (part) of the patent, which allows exclusive patent license rights to the company for a unique core technology providing a dynamic and real-time communication technology.”

The notice comes almost a month after Kootol issued a similar warning to Twitter. The company said in its statement that Twitter's technology infringed on the company's patented tech. The statement further quoted the company as saying that it was is in the process of examining the position and that the purpose of serving this notice was to bring the fact to the attention of Twitter Inc.

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