Is Gmail down? Yet again?

In what looks like a global outage, lot of users around the world are reporting Gmail services to be down

Published Date
25 - Jan - 2014
| Last Updated
25 - Jan - 2014
Is Gmail down? Yet again?

Oops Gmail is down yet again and the world comes to a standstill. No donut for you Gmail.

The Gmail servers went down temporarily in India back in May 2013 but the kind of outage we’re experiencing right now seems to be on a much bigger scale. Twitter is inundated with reports of other Google services remaining inaccessible too such as Hangouts. Some of the most common quick fix measures to get around such outages such as starting Gmail in safe mode ( don’t seem to be working either.  Gmail on mobile isn’t working and neither is Google Apps mail for business. 

The error report seems to show “Temporary Error (500)” while the Show Detailed Technical Info option on the error page shows Numeric code: 93.

We’ll update this report with any workarounds we can find. For now, since Gmail is down, you can actually find some time to get down to real work. Or are you trying to remember your Yahoo! Passwords?
Update 1: Looks like Gmail is back up after about a 30 minutes outage

Update 2: And it went down again after 15 minutes.

(Yes, we're issue closing, and need our email to work, and that's the only reason for us updating this article continuously). Note to self, make sure to POP work email to some other service provider as well.

Update 3: *ping*pong* It's up again!

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