Infographic: Internet gives a huge thumbs down to Facebook redesign

Published Date
24 - Sep - 2011
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24 - Sep - 2011
Infographic: Internet gives a huge thumbs down to Facebook redesi...
Do we like the new Facebook redesign? The Internet's answer is a resounding "No!"
Well, at least that's the response from over 1,000 people surveyed by Sodahead, whose results show that an overwhelming 86 percent of users said that Facebook should lose the changes and revert to the old format. The Internet also responded via tweet.
Mark Zuckerberg launched the new Timeline format (which will replace the old Profile and Wall) at the f8 developer conference on Thursday. That will go hand in hand with a new ticker, which will aggregate "lightweight" posts like the TV shows people watch, including Hulu on Facebook. Users can also listen to Spotify on Facebook, although some have wondered about whether or not the scrolling ticker will contribute to song or social spam.
It's worth noting that the new Timeline feature is only open to developers at this point. The new ticker is live, however, as of this week.
In any case, Internet users gave a big thumbs down to the new redesign in the new Sodahead poll, with 91 percent of teens claiming that Facebook should return to the old redesign. Women, who make up a majority of users on Facebook, also voted Facebook down by an 89 percent clip. Who liked it? IT workers and the wealthier classes.
Somewhat ironically, Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg was asked by reporters to defend the new format, soon after it launched, by a roomful of reporters who had never used it.
"The recent update with the news feed and ticker, we've actually been testing that with people for months… we brought a lot of people into the office, to get their feedback," Zuckerberg said.
Of the 6,000 or more comments attached to the announcement on the Facebook blog, most seemed negative. "Sorry fb, but if you making us add all these (unnecessary) details to our pages - what is the point in talking to someone when you know what they're already doing/have done/and our planning to do?" Georgie Singer wrote. "This is a social network, not a 'This is your life' episode. Leave it alone."
Sherna Alexander Benjamin had an opposing view. "Watched the video with the introduction of Timeline by CEO Mark Zuckerberg where he introduced this new kind of profile view called Timeline that includes past events, older photos & information from other apps.
"I personally find it very exciting as it gives the timeline effect you no longer have to scroll to the bottom of your page and keep selecting more until you may find what you are looking for it gives your profile that organized look and easy to get information as every thing is now a simple click of the button," Benjamin added. "cannot wait for it to role [sic] out. Many persons cannot accept change but as soon as they become comfortable with this new change they will forget that they have complained about this new change, why because they have become comfortable with it."
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