Indonesian defense ministry plans to create its own 'Cyber Army'

Indonesia to develop its own 'cyber army' in lieu of recent cyber threats in the past three years

Published Date
29 - May - 2013
| Last Updated
29 - May - 2013
Indonesian defense ministry plans to create its own 'Cyber Army'

The Indonesian Ministry of Defense is planning to create a special 'Cyber Army' to ward off threats from hackers on the state's internet portals and websites that could put in jeopardy the security of the state.

An official at the ministry said it would nominate laws to legalize the operation of the 'Cyber Army'. The plan has come into inception as a result of a series of attacks on the government Internet portals and websites during the last three years, as reported by Xinhua.

According to Pos, the 'Cyber Army' will be guarded by uniformed soldiers with special training in Information Technology.

Indonesian Defence Minister, Purnomo Yusgiantoro, said that the establishment of the task force would need dedicated support of the Communication and Information Ministry.

The ministry will provide telecommunication infrastructure, equipments and skilled trainers for the members of the proposed 'cyber army', Purnomo added.

"The Communication and Information ministry has the capacity to build up the cyber security," he said, adding that the proposed "cyber army" unit is planned to be merged with the navy, the army and the air force.

Communications and Information Minister Tifatul Sembiring announced earlier that websites of the country's state ministries and agencies have encountered more than 36.6 million cyber attacks from hackers since the past three years.

He also announced that the ministry is also in the course of setting up a system to be known as “National Cyber Security" to secure websites of government bodies and agencies.

Source: Shanghaidaily