Indian social networking site Worldfloat launches news and image search engine

Wordlfloat aims to take on the likes of Google and Yahoo with its own news and image search engines.

Published Date
24 - Sep - 2013
| Last Updated
24 - Sep - 2013
Indian social networking site Worldfloat launches news and image...

Indian social networking website Worldfloat has introduced a news search engine, which allows users to search real-times news and information – similar to search engines of global players such as Google News and Yahoo News. The company has also launched a new image search engine, sources photographs of news from all over the world in sequence of time that is from new news photographs to old news photographs.

“Worldfloat's news search engine is one of its kind in India. No other media company in the country so far offers a news search engine that sources news from all over the world on a real-time basis by automatic algorithms,” says the company in a statement.

Worldfloat says its image search engine works like Google's image search. However, “Google images do not have sequence of time from new to old in their image search. So our image search technology based on time is the first such technology in the world,” adds the company.

The Indian social networking company now plans to launch a 'social commenting facility', which will allow users to comment and share on news stories through its search engine.

“This social commenting and sharing will be based on keywords or topics of real-time world news and will help its users share and gather knowledge, learning and insights on all world subjects and topics and real time news events. Using the news engine technology and vision Worldfloat will combine at once Google's news search and social networking of Facebook at the same time,” it adds.

In a recent interview with Digit, Worldfloat CEO Pushkar Mahatta said, “Worldfloat is about to reach 3 crore users by Oct 2013. Right now above 2.4 crore users have already signed up into Worldfloat.”

“Worldfloat is the only Indian Social networking portal wherein one can earn money while doing the regular Social Connections. The services offered in the platform are such of its kind that it does not require any advertisement,” he added.

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