Indian hackers deface Pakistani websites after over 2,000 Indian sites hacked

Pakistani and Indian hackers have locked horns after two sides conduct a spate of cyber attacks.

Published Date
30 - Jan - 2014
| Last Updated
30 - Jan - 2014
Indian hackers deface Pakistani websites after over 2,000 Indian...

India and Pakistan are at war – in the cyber space! According to reports, Pakistani hackers defaced over 2,000 Indian websites on Republic Day followed by Indian hackers defacing more than 100 Pakistani websites.

The Pakistani websites that were hacked showed the message "Hacked by Indian Cyber Rakshak". The defacement of Pakistani websites began on Tuesday night and continued through Wednesday, add reports.

Earlier, Pakistani hackers defaced about 2,118 Indian sites including of the Central Bank of India and the website of Bollywood actress Poonam Pandey.

Most of the Indian sites were defaced by Pakistani hackers using handles called "StrikerRude", "KashmirCyberArmy", "PakCyber Expert", "HUnter Gujar" while the Operation was named as "#OP26jan".

The Indian websites have regularly been targeted by hackers from across the world. According to reports, prior to Republic Day attack, about 1,400 Indian websites were hacked.

Source: Zdnet, Hindu