India responsible for 3.4 percent of worldwide spam distribution

South Korea remains the leading source of spam sent to European users (48.6%) in February.

Published Date
25 - Mar - 2014
| Last Updated
25 - Mar - 2014
India responsible for 3.4 percent of worldwide spam distribution

According to a new Kaspersky lab report on spam monitoring for February, India is among the top 10 nations in spam distribution. The report states that India accounts for 3.4 percent for spam sent to European countries, while South Korea remains the leader in spam distribution to European users (48.6 %).

The spam e-mail traffic in February increased by 4.2% points compared to January, and most of the spam was dominated by Trojans. The Kaspersky Lab report revealed that most of the malicious emails sent in February allegedly came from women who wanted to make new friends for Valentines Day.

Another malicious program imitated fake notifications from major social networking sites, like Facebook. Messages allegedly sent on behalf of Facebook informed recipients that a lot had happened on friends’ news feeds since they last visited the site and they were prompted to open the attached archive to find out more.

“Spammers are becoming more intelligent in masking their messages. Internet users in India should start taking their digital security seriously, with the number of threat vectors increasing alarmingly along with the rise of cybercriminal activities. With regards to spam, the government should initiate spam laws that will deter spammers from making India their safe havens," says the report.

The new Kaspersky Lab report comes shortly after a Cisco report warned about increased security challenges due to BYOD and cloud services. Cyber criminals are using malicious malware that is dormant while entering the secure network and later becomes active. Cisco is reportedly working on ‘Before, During and After’ Internet solutions to check dormant cells.

Source: Financial Express, Deccan Chronicle