IDC expects Indian cloud market to grow by 70 percent this year

Published Date
28 - Aug - 2012
| Last Updated
28 - Aug - 2012
IDC expects Indian cloud market to grow by 70 percent this year

The research firm IDC has estimated a whopping 70 percent growth for the Indian cloud computing market this year. Moreover, the Indian cloud market is likely to maintain a 50 percent growth in coming three years, says the research firm in its 'India Cloud Market Overview, 2011-2016' report.

"We have definitely seen cloud cross the inflexion point in end 2011. With proper messaging from key vendors and due diligence of opportunities which exist in the cloud delivery models, the market will grow much faster in the coming years," IDC India Research Manager (Software and IT Services) Nirupam Chaudhuri said in a statement.

IDC says cloud providers need to assist the companies in assessing cloud readiness, and suggest a cloud adoption roadmap accordingly. “This would provide a boost to cloud consulting services in the coming 12-24 months. A direct corollary is that vendors need to have robust cloud consulting capabilities in place for making a foray into this space,” IDC India Senior Market Analyst (IT Services) Sandeep Kumar Sharma said.

The IDC's projection for the Indian cloud computing comes days after another research firm Gartner predicted majority of users switching to cloud by 2016. Gartner in its report said that factors such as ability to share the content with contacts, access it from anywhere and from different devices will drive the switch. Another major factor is considered to be the easy availability of HD video and still cameras (be it on a mobile, or a standalone device), translating to heavy data usage.

According to Gartner’s 2011 data, roughly 7% of consumer data was stored on the cloud, but that figure is expected to reach 36% by 2016-end. For more on the Gartner report, read our previous coverage.

In of our weekly polls, trends suggested that the people are now more trusting the cloud services and a lot of them including the enterprise users are opting for it. Irrespective of security concerns, majority said they considered cloud storage safe. Also read Majority Indians trust cloud storage with their data.

Source: Business Standard