HP India strengthens commercial product portfolio for businesses

Published Date
20 - Oct - 2011
| Last Updated
20 - Oct - 2011
HP India strengthens commercial product portfolio for businesses

Yesterday, HP India demonstrated its newest technological products for a variety of categories in the enterprise market. The series of products introduced are:

  • HP Business Desktop PCs – These offer a choice of desk-based products that go through extensive tests to suit the business ruggedness of day-to-day life. HP has launched the Compaq 4000 Pro Series, Compaq 6200 Pro series and 8200 Elite series.
  • HP Workstations – Designed and manufactured for core workstation applications in industries like oil and gas, mechanical engineering and design, film and video editing, animation and more. HP unveiled Z210 Workstation and New EliteBook W-series for professionals, which demonstrates HP’s commitment to maximizing performance for the most demanding professional tasks.
  • HP Thin Client – Combines a powerful rich PC experience with an affordable productivity tool. With the t5740e, HP’s thin client computing solutions meet both IT and user needs with the most comprehensive range of hardware, software and services and deliver a true PC experience.
  • HP’s retail point-of-sale (RPOS) – These solutions promise to enhance customer service and amplify business efficiencies. HP expands its retail portfolio with the rp5800 retail system that combines powerful and advanced functionality in a high-performance system that meets the needs of even the most demanding retail environment.
  • Accessories – The HP docking station provides a more ergonomic and productive desktop computing experience.
  • HP Integrated Work Center Stand – A premier combination of computing performance and flexibility for small workspaces and public areas. Designed to help maximize the use of limited desk space, it is the perfect fit for the workspace.
  • HP notebook projection companion – A compact and lightweight mini projector. Which is ideal for impromptu meetings, project work in education and the mobile sales force.

There were certain key features that were introduced during the press conference regarding their use with the showcased products:

  • Disk Sanitizer and File Sanitizer – It completely wipes of the data or a single file from your hard disk without leaving any trails behind and the Drive Encryption that uses a 32-bit encryption algorithm to secure the hard drives content, present on the Workstations, Desktop PCs or Laptops.
  • Modular Chassis for Workstations – These have been introduced which was quite impressive for its form factor. The design was such that every component inside can be individually attached or detached out of the cabinet. A channelized air duct was created for CPU to cool down. As such the specifications were not revealed but the workstation will support upto 16GB of total RAM.
  • Performance Advisor – This application was also introduced to sense the GPU utilization and similarly, a System Advisor application for CPU and the installed applications utilization of the resources.
  • HP LED IPS Panel Monitor – These will be bundled as an integrated part of the Workstations.


Various types of stress tests were performed on the new HP notebook, which was dropped from the top of the table, stood and jumped upon, and still the notebook was in the perfect working condition. The notebooks are also spill proof specifically for the keyboard area, though that was not tested at the time.

HP also introduced the ‘SMB exchange’ programme through which HP aims to reach out to the small business owners and offer them customized services and solutions.