Govt launches website to track attendance of govt employees

Modi government's ambitious attendance website that is supposed to be a centralised database for all central govt employees is now live.

Published Date
07 - Oct - 2014
| Last Updated
07 - Oct - 2014
Govt launches website to track attendance of govt employees

The Indian government has launched a dedicated online tool to track attendance of the government employees. Website - – is now live with 148 registered organisations and over 49,000 registered employees.

The new online attendance tool requires Aadhaar number. According to the website: “Aadhhar number is essential for registering an employee in Biometric Attendance System (BAS). Government employees who are not having Aadhaar number can enrol themselves for Aadhaar numbers in the special camps which are being held by UIDAI in various Government Buildings.”

“Network connectivity will be essential for marking attendance. Therefore, two types of connectivity are being planned with each attendance terminal; one wi-fi connectivity on NICNET/broadband and other sim based GSM connectivity in the table,” adds the website. 

The new government website is said to be inspired from attendance websites of Jharkhand government ( and the Department of Electronics and Information Technology ( 

The website is well designed with a very neat interface. The site works well on mobile browser as well. The desktop version has a dashboard on the top featuring number of registered organisations and employees. It also shows the number of employees present today. On the left, you have a set of tools for registering organizations, employees corner, reports, log in and FAQs. 

Apart from showing the number of employees present, the site provides detailed information (with graphs) on attendance activity, authentication response and number of employees. Other features include the ability to search employees, department wise attendance reports and nodal officer details. 

The new attendance tracking website is an overwhelming improvement over the other government websites, which are slow to load and lack modern design. We hope the government to come up with better and easy to use websites/online tools for other departments as well in the near future.