Govt. launches e-marketplace for procuring goods within its departments

Called the Government e-Marketplace (GeM), it is hoped that this will reduce corruption and increase the transparency of the process

Published Date
09 - Aug - 2016
| Last Updated
09 - Aug - 2016
Govt. launches e-marketplace for procuring goods within its depar...

The Government of India has launched the Government e-Marketplace (GeM), a website that is aimed at facilitating the procurement of Goods and Services required by the various departments of the government. It is hoped that the this will help reduce corruption and bring transparency to the system. Further, the e-marketplace will also offer tools for e-bidding and reverse e-auction. The types of goods/services that can be procured via GeM include desktop computers, laptops, UPS, air conditioners and the hiring of services.

The advantages of using GeM is that buyers will get to choose from a list of products for individual categories as well as search, compare, select and buy. Further, the process is transparent and buyers will be able to rate the vendor. Further, there is also an easy return policy. In turn, the sellers will get direct access to all government departments and new product suggestion facility. Sellers will also be able to change prices based on market conditions and will also get a dashboard that will allow them to monitor supplies and payments.  


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