Google updates Offers self-service tool for businesses

Google says the update helps businesses post offers in 'in minutes' and publish across Google services.

Published Date
25 - Oct - 2013
| Last Updated
25 - Oct - 2013
Google updates Offers self-service tool for businesses

Google has introduced an update to its Google Offers self-service tool for businesses, improving the speed of ad creation and adding support for Google Maps. The update is expected to be rolled out within the next week.

According to Google, the update allows businesses create their posts “in minutes” and publish them to customers across Google products.

“Simply choose the type of offer you’d like to create and assign a budget. Unlike traditional promotions or coupons, Google Offers will show your offer to customers based on their location, what they like, and what they’re looking for. You’ll only pay when a customer saves your offer, and you keep the full value of the sales you make,” says Google in a blog post.

Google says support for Google Maps allow businesses to reach customers when they are looking for places nearby or local businesses. “Your business will be prominently displayed with a blue tag icon next to it, alerting customers to your offer,” it adds.

The updated Google Offers lets businesses only pay when a customer saves their offer.

“Once a customer saves your offer, we’ll bring them to your door by sharing an offer reminder when they are near your store. We can help remind them when your offer is expiring too, through email and mobile alerts. Just create the offer; we’ll take care of the rest,” concludes Google in a post.

Source: Google