Google updates definition in Search with sample sentences, synonyms and more

Now Google search users get the word definition, sample sentences, synonymous, spoken response and lots more.

Published Date
23 - Aug - 2013
| Last Updated
23 - Aug - 2013
Google updates definition in Search with sample sentences, synony...

Google has rolled out a small yet nifty update to Search, improving the dictionary definitions. In addition to the traditional word definition, Search shows sample sentences, translations, synonyms, spoken responses for words and links to sites such as Wikipedia,, for further information. 

“You may be familiar with using Google to find definitions, like [define fortuitous]. We've recently updated this feature on on desktop and mobile to give you more information about these words beyond just their definition,” says Google in a post

“Now you’ll also see sample sentences that highlight how the word is used, as well as synonyms. If you tap the microphone on your Google Search app, you’ll hear answers spoken back when you ask questions like “What’s the definition of fortuitous?” and “What are synonyms for fortuitous?” 

Google also allows users to translate words to more than 60 languages directly from the box. Also, users can set a default language that will ensure future definition searches appear to that particular language. 

The latest update from Google is part of many efforts to build a massive database on a wide range of subjects. Google is already bolstering its Knowledge Graph, which is supposed to make search engine faster and easier to search information. Google provides similar other features like currency conversions, nutrition data, unit conversions, translations, dates, times, and facts, and more.