Google to open a permanent campus in Hyderabad: Reports

Hyderabad may become a Wi-Fi enabled city by 2015 year end even as Google reportedly plans to open a permanent campus in the city.

Published Date
22 - Dec - 2014
| Last Updated
22 - Dec - 2014
Google to open a permanent campus in Hyderabad: Reports

Google may soon open its own "permanent and big" campus in Hyderabad. According to reports, Google is expected to sign an MoU with Telangana government to take up the venture very soon.

Telangana IT, electronics and communications secretary Harpreet Singh stated, "We are likely to sign MoU with Google. They are likely to open their campus here in Hyderabad. It will be the third campus they will have after the US and the UK." He stated that the upcoming Google campus will be very big and added that further details of the proposed venture will be given at a press conference shortly.

Singh added that a Taiwanese firm, Cisco, Airtel and Vodafone among others have also shown interest on a proposed venture by the  government to make Hyderabad a Wi-Fi enabled city.

"Many of them are partnering and coming," Singh said, adding the Taiwanese firm, in fact, was behind making Taipei a Wi-Fi enabled city. He added that the companies are currently asking detailed maps of the city as well as some clarifications in regard with certain specific points. "So, we are preparing the replies; we will give it to them".

"It will take time (to make the city Wi-Fi enabled) because business model is the critical issue. Making Wi-Fi is not a big problem ... but how to monetise it ... is the key issue," he explained. Sign stated that it will take approximately 3-4 months to award the contract for the venture, and another 6 months to roll out the infrastructure.

He added that software exports from Hyderabad were Rs 57,000 crore or roughly $10 billion in the year 2013-14. "This year (2014-15), I think it's (going to be) 12 per cent (more). We may do slightly better (better than 12 per cent growth)," Mr Singh added.

Source: TOI