Google starts rolling out a new YouTube interface

YouTube is rolling out a new design with cleaner interface which makes finding playlists easier. The new design will be rolled out worldwide over the next few days.

Published Date
21 - Feb - 2014
| Last Updated
21 - Feb - 2014
Google starts rolling out a new YouTube interface

YouTube has launched a new center aligned user interface similar to its mobile app. The update also brings better playlist management options and makes the service more accessible.

The new interface has a center-aligned look which focuses more on videos. Two links at the top of the screen allow users to navigate between recommended videos and their subscriptions. The 'guide' which has your subscriptions and playlists is displayed more prominently next to the YouTube logo in the center of the screen.

What's more the new interface allows users to watch videos right within the guide screen, from their own curated lists or from channels that they have liked. Personal playlists have a better editing screen as well. For Example, clicking the 'Like' button next to your favorite musicians' favorite videos playlist, will automatically add that playlist to your collection.

The new interface also brings easier Playlist management options. Now, when you create a playlist, YouTube will pop up a new page that lets you organize your videos. The new design will be rolled out over the next few days for users worldwide.

Google had released a new update earlier this month for YouTube that shows the top music videos from the artist's official YouTube channel. The results will appear from random YouTube users as well as from other video sites, though the results from other sites are shown in a much smaller thumbnail.

Recently, YouTube started monitoring video views to avoid artificial inflated video counts. The Google-owned company says that it will take the accuracy of interactions like comments, views or likes "very seriously" as artificially inflating counts mislead fans about the popularity of a video.

Source: TNW